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AirDrop Shedule

Target AirDrop Market Cap: 6m$
Airdrop Market Cap formula:
AirdropMarketCap=TotalAirdropTokenNumber×PricePerTokenAirdropMarketCap=TotalAirdropTokenNumber×PricePerTokenAirdrop Market Cap=Total Airdrop Token Number×Price Per TokenAirdrop Market Cap=Total Airdrop Token Number×Price Per Token
For instance, if 40 billion tokens are going to be airdropped and the price per token is $0.00015, then:
AirDrop - 40B $PEER
AirDrop Vesting Shedule
To calculate the amount of airdrop a user will receive, you can distribute the total points among users based on their points. To calculate the token value of each point, divide the total number of airdrop tokens by the total number of points:
TokenValuePerPoint=TotalAirdropTokenNumberTotalPointsTokenValuePerPoint=TotalPointsTotalAirdropTokenNumberToken Value Per Point=Total Airdrop Token NumberTotal PointsToken Value Per Point=Total PointsTotal Airdrop Token Number​
For instance, if a total of 4 trillion points have been collected:
TokenValuePerPoint=40billion4trillion=10tokensTokenValuePerPoint=4trillion40billion=10tokensToken Value Per Point=40 billion4 trillion=10 tokensToken Value Per Point=4trillion40billion​=10tokens
In this case, a user with 1 million points will receive:
1millionpoints×10tokens=10milliontokens1millionpoints×10tokens=10milliontokens1 million points×10 tokens=10 million tokens1million points×10tokens=10million tokens
To calculate the dollar value of the airdrop for this user, multiply the number of tokens they receive by the price per token:
So, a user with 1 million points will receive an airdrop valued at $1,500.