Token Structure

There are two major tokens in the Toonlands metaverse, a utility token named #TOCO (on-chain) and a in-metaverse currency named $COIN (off-chain)

Good to know: Toonlands Ecosystem consists of 2 types of tokens which are used in different layers and have different purposes in the metaverse economy. 1- $TOCO: Utility Token 2- $COIN: Platform (Governance) Token


Deflationary tokens with a fixed supply (, it is mainly used as a currency to purchase different NFT assets in the ecosystem, airdrop distributions, play to earn payouts & buy/swap $COINs. Tokens that can be earned and swapped in the metaverse will be called $TOCOX.

  • Governance

  • Stake Rewards

  • Event/Game Rewards

  • Lease Lands

  • Rental Incomes

  • Mining From Lands

  • Vote

  • Buy $COIN

  • Buy Exclusive NFT Collections


COIN serves as the fundamental gas in Toonlands and has unlimited supply & offchain.

COIN used as the in-metaverse digital currency i.e. rewards given after completing a events, games & mining. When players receive $COIN it can be exchanged and utilized for the following features:

  • In-Metaverse & In-Game Currency

  • Buy Items

  • Event/Game Rewards

  • Design Lands

  • Buy Decorations For Lands

  • Upgrade Lands

  • Buy Avatars

  • Customization

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